Size Matters – Portion Control Tips Made Easy

Portion Control Scenario: you go out for dinner and order
spaghetti with marinara sauce and a side of grilled
veggies. The pasta is so plentiful that it’s falling off the
plate. Yes, your meal is nutritious. But can too much of a
good thing be not so good for you? Absolutely!


Often, portion control is difficult, in the era of the
“supersized” meal. It’s often hard to recognize “normal”
portion sizes. Giant bottles of soda, extra-large bags of
chips and king-size candy bars are part of our everyday
eating landscape. But unfortunately, as our portion sizes
get larger, so do our waistlines, even if we have started
a diet and exercise plan. Bigger packages themselves can
also sabotage portion control. Research from the
University of Illinois shows that people may tend to eat
more food when served in larger containers! When
movie-goers were given the same amount of popcorn in
containers of two different sizes, the people given the
larger tubs ate 44 percent more. (When in doubt, use a
smaller plate at dinner!)


To exercise portion control, and keep portions in
perspective, you need a tool to help you navigate
through bulked-up portions. Visualizing recommended
serving sizes by relating them to common household
objects is an easy and useful technique. By comparing
food portions to things you already recognize, you should
be able to “eyeball” a food item and “guesstimate” how
large it is. Long gone are the days of carrying around a
food scale for portion control! It’s wise to weigh things
occasionally to get an accurate idea of how big portions
should be, but relating those measurements to common
objects and teaching yourself to recognize them will be a
great step toward achieving your weight loss goals.
Further, weighing your food in an attempt at portion
control can quickly turn into drudgery!
Some easy portion control tips:

* Your fist is about the same size as one cup of fruit.

* Your thumb (tip to base) is the size of one ounce of
meat or cheese.

* Your palm (minus fingers) equals three ounces of meat,
fish, or poultry.

* Your cupped hand equals one to two ounces of nuts or


Once you have serving sizes committed to memory, you’ll
be ready to fit them into your eating plan:

* As you eat smaller portions, increase the number of
meals you eat to about 6. So instead of 3 large meals,
you will have 6 smaller ones. This will help to keep you
from feeling hungry and rev up your metabolism at the
same time!

* Limit servings of high-fat foods such as fatty meats and
fried foods.

* Buy single-servings of some foods, such as 1-ounce
bags of chips or 1/2-cup servings of ice cream.

* Remember that servings of most vegetables are
extremely low fat and low calorie. Bell peppers and
button mushrooms just might become your new best

You must incorporate portion control as part of your diet
and exercise plan in order to lose weight more quickly!
By eating the right foods in reasonable portions, you will
ultimately lose weight, and look and feel great!

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