Low Carb Diet Review – Discover Why You Can Lose Weight Healthier by Avoiding Low Carb Diets

If you are like me, you have spent a great deal of time looking for the one diet program that will finally work. It took me awhile, so I feel your pain. However, before you can decide what really works for you, you need to know what does not work period. Yes, we are all different, what works for me, may not work for you. However, there are diet programs or ideas that simply do not work and the low carb diet is one of them.

Let me explain –

You will find a host of success stories surrounding low carb diets. However, what you will not here, particularly from those that are trying to sell you on the diet program, is that there are two key factors that make this diet method a failure. If a diet program is a failure, why do you even want to waste your time? You don’t, because this will only lead to frustration, wasting time, and wasting effort.


The first factor that figures into a low carb diet becoming a failure is the fact that it really is not healthy. These diets work to eliminate the bulk of carbs from your diet. While carbs can be unhealthy themselves in bulk, they are necessary to your body and life. However, this diet method also increases other elements, though necessary to your body, can be harmful in bulk as well.

A good example of this is protein. Yes, we need protein; however, with a low carb diet, you are getting more protein than you really need and usually from animals. While you are lowering your diet, you are boosting your fat, what good will that do you? If you have too much protein within your body, you are actually increasing your risks of later developing a heart disease.

At the same time, you are depriving your body of vegetables and fruits in most low carb diets. This too can be healthy because vegetables and fruits are necessary to help our bodies fight off infections and diseases.

Short Term Effects

Now, the second factor that makes a low carb diet a failure is the fact that while you are likely going to lose some weight due to the fast decrease of body water and fat, the long-term elements do not exist. People enjoy this type of diet simply because it is a faster way to lose weight.

However, what they do not understand is that unless they stick to this eating regimen and lifestyle, which is extremely unhealthy, once the carbs are reintroduced into the body, the weight will likely come back just as quickly or quicker than it was lost in the first place.

Staying Healthy

The best and healthiest way to lose weight is to combine the right foods – a good mix of fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbs, and essential fats, exercise, and an overall lifestyle change. Remaining healthy why losing weight is the best defense you have to losing the weight and keeping it off. I designed this low carb diet review to show you the potential hazards of the diet and promote healthy weight loss instead.

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