Lose Weight Fast – The 5 Fad Diets You Need to Try

We’re all looking for the best way to lose weight fast. From fad diets to hula hoop exercises that promise fast weight loss, schemes to take off our extra weight are all over the place.

If you are looking to lose weight fast, you’ve probably tried popular diets like the South Beach Diet, maybe a variation of the Atkins Diet, tested out the Cookie Diet or chugged down a bunch of shakes on the Slim Fast Diet. I know I’ve tried them all, at least.

Even though you’re researching new diets every day, I can bet that there are a few diets out there that you haven’t heard of yet. These 5 diets have been successful for a number of people looking to lose weight fast, but they haven’t hit the mainstream media yet – no big advertising dollars to spend on TV commercials or radio spots and no publishing deals to ensure that their diet becomes coffee table banter.

These 5 diets can be found on the Internet, however – you just have to search for them. So, what exactly are these diets that allow you to lose weight fast?

· Fat Loss 4 Idiots: Learn the 10 Idiot Proof Rules of Dieting and lose 9 pounds every 11 days! Fat Loss 4 Idiots details the low fat foods that don’t work and the new rules that do.

· YayFoods: Ever heard of calorie recycling? YayFoods was created by a woman who lost weight on her own, not with highly publicized diets. Featured in Women’s World, YayFoods has a steady underground following of women learning the secrets of calorie recycling.

· Top Secret Fat Loss: A famous doctor explains the reason that you aren’t losing weight on the latest diets and how you can lose weight fast – NOW.

· Turbulence Training: Spending hours doing cardio and not losing any weight? These trainers explain the optimal fat burning zone you need to be in to lose immediate weight.

· Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: A body builder and personal trainer teaches you how to lose weight – without the help of diet pills and supplements – and how to lose it permanently.

What makes these diets different than the diets you hear about daily? These diets were all created by your average person – teachers, moms, even personal trainers. These people are sharing the weight loss secrets that worked for them, including research they did after testing out all the other diets that they, and you, failed on. The only difference between these diets and the diets you hear about on TV is the marketing dollars. While Weight Watcher’s may have millions of dollars to spend on marketing campaigns every quarter, these regular people don’t. But every day, when the average person is looking for a method to lose weight fast, they’re missing out on proven diets that work.

You’re looking to lose weight fast – what are you waiting for? Sites like Diet Cheat Day also provide links to diets you may not have heard about.

Rachel Kuptz is a freelance writer specializing in web content writing, SEO and Keyword Articles, and press release writing and distribution. She has previously worked for clients such as Harrah’s Entertainment, Internet start-ups, Online Ad Networks and marketing agencies.

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