Is Syndrome X Making You Fat?

Is it getting harder and harder for you to maintain your weight? Maybe you’ve noticed significant weight gain despite the fact that you haven’t changed your eating or exercise habits? Do you exercise every day but can’t seem to lose weight? Then, perhaps Syndrome X is to blame.

Syndrome X is a serious problem that can adversely affect your health. In addition to weight problems, Syndrome X has been linked to heart disease, hypoglycemia and menstrual imbalances. It is also a precursor to developing Diabetes Type 2.

Syndrome X is also referred to as Metabolic Syndrome, Metabolic Syndrome X and Insulin Resistance. It is a very common disease; however it is widely overlooked by many medical professionals. One statistic reveals 1 in 3 people suffer from it.

It works like this, lets say you want to talk to visit your friend. You knock on his door but he doesn’t answer. So what do you do? You knock again. Still no answer – you knock yet again. Insulin has the same sort of process. Certain foods cause the body to make higher levels of insulin than others which produces not 1 but 2 “knocks”. If you are insulin resistant (Syndrome X), your body cannot process the glucose, therefore the pancreas tries to make up for it by producing even more insulin. It thinks “no one is home” and just keeps making more.

The main purpose of glucose is to be used as fuel for the cells in the body to produce energy. Unprocessed glucose translates into fat. If the body keeps making it and it’s not being processed, where does it go? Hips, thighs, stomach, and buttocks, that’s where!

Symdrome X can be blamed in part on genetics in some cases. But for many it is simply leading an unhealthy lifestyle that is the culprit. Eating processed foods, too much sugar, not exercising enough, smoking and stress can be causes of Syndrome X.

So if you don’t want to join the over 4 million Americans that weigh in at over 300 pounds, what can you do? The most important thing is to exercise – if you currently have an exercise program keep it up – if not than start one. Drink plenty of water. Don’t eat processed foods, startches, white bread, cookies, cakes, desserts, sugars etc… Limit your caffeine intake. Eat lots of vegetables – try to work your way up to having 1/3 of your daily food be vegetables. One good way to do that is to have veggies with every meal and make sure you cover 1/3 of the plate with them.

To see if you are insulin resistant you can ask your doctor to test your sugar levels. Change what you’re eating and get walking and you’ll be amazed at the pounds start to fall off. The fatigue and fuzziness will start to disappear and in turn you’ll feel much better.

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