Does the Medifast Diet Work? The Amazing Proof That Convinced Me Quickly

In this article we are going to take a crack at finding out whether the Medifast Diet REALLY works…or is it simply just like every other diet you can pick up at your corner drugstore. Now, I want to make ONE thing very clear before we begin: Dieting, like anything else in life, is a PERSONAL experience. That means that no matter what SENSATIONAL or stupefying results other people may get, you still have to apply the principles to your own life to see the rapid rewards! But with this being said, the thing that I look for when evaluating a new program is STILL the success that others are having, and the testimonials that people of INFLUENCE and expertise offer as a way of validating the results accordingly. So continue reading if you are interested in some of the PROOF that Medifast not only works, but does so in some rather incredible fashion for some! Read on..:-)

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The story of Nnedi Uzowihe-Igwe is an AMAZING one. Nnedi lost over 160 pounds on Medifast, and was literally FEATURED in the January 2006 edition of People magazine in celebration of her new body, and lease on life as a result of such a transformative experience. She also went on to have a second daughter after this seemingly miraculous shift in size, and as of my writing, seems to have gloriously kept off the weight she lost accordingly.

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Everyone knows Genie Francis from General Hospital, and she has been EVERYWHERE in 2008 as the newest celebrity spokesperson for Medifast, claiming to have returned to her Soap Opera figure all thanks to the 5 and 1 diet philosophy! But MORE important to me, are the studies done by John’s Hopkins hospital, showing that in OBESE male and female patients alike, the AVERAGE weight loss in controlled environments on the Medifast diet were OVER 60 pounds per person! These were done in clinical settings ( meaning NO cheating..:-) but were the SAME guidelines and caloric intake as the rest of us follow with the diet daily. And this, to me…is the most IMPRESSIVE proof there is that Medifast works for ordinary folks like us!

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Anyone who has NOT had success on OTHER diet programs! If you’ve failed with other weight loss regimens, the Medifast weight loss community may be EXACTLY what you are looking for.

And as I’m SURE you probably already know, the Medifast movement has SWEPT the internet by storm and created a sea of slim, fit & BEAUTIFUL [] people in it’s wake! ( and these are people just like you and I who have NEVER had luck on any diet program before!)

Remember, regardless of WHICH weight loss regimen you ultimately choose, the key is to choose SOMETHING! Life is short and the rewards for losing weight, feeling great and ENJOYING your life are a FAR greater gift (and taste A LOT better..:-) than any magical morsel of FOOD ever will. And if I can say that….so TOO can YOU []!

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