Mangosteen Pills

Mangosteen pills are manufactured from the mangosteen’s fruit pulp and pericarp (skin). Their medicinal value lies in the fact that these pills have a concentration of certain powerful antioxidants called xanthones.

Antioxidants are chemicals that prevent the oxidization of other chemicals. This, in turn, prevents the production of free radicals, which damage tissue and cause infections. Some other useful antioxidants are beta carotene (vitamin A), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin E and selenium.

Just as the inclusion of antioxidants prevents certain foodstuffs from deteriorating, xanthones theoretically prevent body tissue from suffering wear and tear to a certain extent. The polysaccharides (or complex carbohydrates) inherent in the mangosteen fruit and pericarp are also considered useful constituents of mangosteen pills.

In general, pills containing mangosteen are said to support overall biological integrity and balance, help in joint flexibility, boost the immune system and nourish the brain. They are therefore considered extremely valuable dietary supplements. Further, many claim that mangosteen pills have antidepressant properties and can even effect reversal in diseases from microbial infection to leukemia and cancer.

Mangosteen pills are also said to be highly effective in slowing down certain atherosclerotic processes. Additionally, they are used to reduce fever, pain, vertigo and energy depletion. Many adherents believe them to be beneficial in certain types of diabetes since they can bring down blood sugar levels and therefore replace some of the functions of a failing pancreas.

All this is largely hypothetical, and many users of mangosteen pills have reported adverse reactions such as itchiness to the point of insomnia. Whatever the case may be, mangosteen pills are medicines: botanical medicines, but still medicines. Since their ingredients may have sparked off unwanted reactions under certain conditions, they should not be taken outside medical supervision.

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