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No matter how smart you are, you most likely wish your memory, cognition, and mental alertness were better. A great brain is a beautiful thing, and the sexiest part of the body. Nutritional science has made impressive discoveries on nutrients which can make a significant difference in your memory and mental performance. In order to reach your maximum brain potential, a healthy lifestyle approach is the key: the right foods, exercise, and taking nutrients such as GlyceroPhosphoCholine (GPC).

Let’s face it; your memory isn’t as good as it once was and your aging brain shows no mercy under stress when you need to remember that client’s name or a critical phone number. Studies do confirm that mental decline is common with age, even as early as age 29. Even worse, with each decade of life, our memory will continue to decline. But, this is not necessarily part of the natural aging process. We are not all destined for dementia or Alzheimer’s.

There are several factors causing our accelerated mental decline. Our stressful lives are filled with fast food which is devoid of nutritional value. Further, the blood vessels which supply oxygen to the brain get clogged up from junky trans fats and toxins, reducing the brain’s oxygen and nutrient supply.

In addition, stress and alcohol kill brain cells, and we have no shortage of either. Our sedentary jobs often expose us to chemicals or fumes which further damage brain cells, and statistics show few of us get regular exercise or fresh air. Another common cause of accelerated mental decline is side effects from medications such as cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) which have now been shown to cause memory loss. (Graveline MD, Lipitor: Thief of Memory). Living in today’s world causes our brains to age more rapidly than normal.

Is there any hope beyond all this depressing news? Yes! Protecting your brain cells is not as difficult as you might think. One way is by doing your best to avoid exposure to drugs and toxins, eating a diet rich in omega 3s such as salmon, and keeping oxygen circulation to the brain optimal with regular exercise. In addition, you can protect and significantly improve your mental performance with the right brain nutrients such as GlyceroPhosphoCholine or GPC.

Over the years, the most popular memory nutrients have been B-12, Carnitine, Phosphatidyl Serine (PS), and DHA. But, exciting new research shows that a new nutrient named GlyceroPhosphoCholine, sold as GPC Insta-Gel is even more powerful than all the others. It is the most remarkable brain nutrient I have ever run across in my 11 years studying nutritional medicine.

GPC is an orthomolecule found in breast milk and other cells in the body, and acts as fuel feeding the most energetically needy cells of our body such as the brain and sperm cells. There are hundreds of clinical studies proving its benefits for the elderly, middle aged, and healthy young adults. The improvements are so significant that they are making headline news for patients of Alzheimer’s, stroke, and dementia.

The benefits of GCP Insta-Gel include significantly improved:

o Memory

o Attention

o Reasoning

o Recovery after brain injury

o Mood

o Sociability

o Protection against toxin caused mental decline

Also impressive is GPC’s ability to improve the baseline mental performance, attention, word recall, and working memory in healthy young adults. This means that even if your memory is pretty good right now, it could be even better with GPC!

Most remarkable is that GPC offers tremendous benefit for those who are trying to recover from brain injury, undergoing heart bypass surgery (which affects oxygen to the brain), taking statin drugs and want to prevent memory side effects, and have Alzheimer’s or dementia. I recommend my clients take 1,200 mg of GPC Insta-Gel which is the most absorbable form. It comes in little tubes which are squeezed directly into the mouth and taste like honey. Be sure to take it before 4pm each day or you may not be able to sleep.

Maintaining and improving your mental performance is the smartest thing you can do. I recommend that all my clients concerned with protecting their brain cells and improving their memory focus on their lifestyle including a nutrient dense diet, stress reduction, and exercise. I also recommend taking 1,200 mg of GPC Insta-Gel daily to both protect and enhance the brain’s potential. The results are often apparent within minutes. Take care of your brain, and it will take care of you!

GPC Insta Gel-1200 is available at

Annika is a Certified Nutritionist. Since June 2000, Annika has owned and operated offering top of the line, professional brand nutritional supplements, as well as educational sessions to individuals wanting to learn about nutrition & their health concerns or goals. Annika’s specialty is her customized educational sessions which are unique for each client.

She completed her B.A. at Swarthmore College, PA, in a Psychology Pre-Medical curriculum. She later attained her Nutrition Certification (CN®) through American Health Sciences University, CO. Since 1995, she has been working in the nutrition industry and as a nutritionist.

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