HGH Therapy

HGH therapy is an FDA approved effective treatment for HGH deficiency related abnormalities. The remedy for this deficiency is replacement with biosynthetic HGH, which came into practice from 1985. HGH therapy has gained momentum with the studies of Dr. Rudman in 1990. Now, HGH therapy is popular as an anti ageing treatment.

HGH therapy is provided to children and adults with impaired pituitary functions. The deficiency is signified by short stature and other symptoms such as poor sleep, fatigue, increased visceral fat and lipids, decreased bone and muscle strength, associated psychological problems etc. This therapy is also recommended for HGH deficiency of children that is associated with chronic renal insufficiency and Turner syndrome. Adult HGH deficiency cases such as rare pituitary tumors and muscle-wasting disease associated with HIV/AIDS also require HGH administration. Statistics show that about 75,000 out of 265 million Americans have true need for HGH.

HGH therapy is carried out by professional endocrinologists, after a thorough evaluation of the condition. They decide the dosage of artificial HGH injections, either muscular or subcutaneous. The clinically approved form of HGH is injections, which can be purchased only with prescriptions. The prescribed HGH is usually very expensive, which costs around $ 1000 per month.

HGH therapy is used to assist in the anti ageing treatments and rejuvenating therapies. HGH is believed to reverse somatopause and enhance the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. It provides refreshing attributes such as a trim body, higher energy levels, a superior immune system, sharpened vision and hearing, firm skin and hair, low cholesterol and blood pressure, reduced cardiac risk, enhanced sexual performance etc., to overcome the chronological age.

HGH therapy is usually devoid of side effects. However, some experience difficulties such as joint pain, headaches, fluid retention, and carpal tunnel syndrome at the onset of the treatment. The treatment schedule must be followed strictly.

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