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HGH reviews can be obtained from various sources like the Internet, magazines and other health related sources. These reviews are useful tools to find out facts and fictions regarding HGH, as most of them are written by experienced researchers. HGH reviews give information about HGH structure, synthesis and function, aging, HGH supplements and hormones, and effectiveness of various methods to maintain HGH levels.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone, produced from the pituitary, is essential for the growth and repair of body tissues. HGH helps in amino acid uptake and synthesizes protein, enhances skin texture, breaks down fat cells, stimulates bone and muscle growth, produces IGF-1 and maintains high energy levels.

After the age of 20, HGH production declines in most, usually at the rate of 15% per decade. This decline in HGH level triggers the process called aging. HGH reviews recommend regular exercise, protein rich food and a good living status to maintain good HGH levels naturally. These also mention a variety of herbal products available, which help to increase HGH secretion.

Real HGH can be administered either by injections or as oral or nasal sprays. They are only available as prescribed drugs. HGH injections are highly effective but are costly and sometimes produce antigenic reactions. Sprays are comparatively affordable, but not much effective, as our body does not readily absorb them.

HGH supplements come in many forms such as pills, effervescent powder and sprays. They are not that much costly, are easy to use and they produce more effective results than real hormone treatments. They often do not need any prescription. They contain amino acids, which enhance HGH secretion from the pituitary gland. They are safe as they do not inject any foreign hormone.

Although no serious side effects are reported from persons using HGH products and treatments, reviews recommend consulting a physician before you take any of them. If you are a person with any abnormal health condition, it will be better to stay away from unprescribed drugs. Most of the HGH products are entirely dedicated to middle aged persons, although they are also used extensively by young body builders. Always purchase from manufacturers who offer only tested products.

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