Do You Know Your Vitamins – Are They Essentials to Your Health?

Asking questions about vitamins is answering part of the problem. We are living in the so-called information age. The problem is which information do you mainly care to know about? What you are not aware of can harm you plain and simple.

The word vitamin was first used by Dr. Funk at the beginning of the century, more precisely in 1911. The word vita in Latin means life.

Back in ancient time, people were under the impression that what you could not see did not really exist and could not hurt you. Microscopes were not invented yet to let us see and explore the vast world of the extremely small. We know better today. Microbes, invisible to the naked eye, can be deadly.

But so are vitamins in a way. History showed us the lack of them could be deadly too. Just think about those sailors gone for long trips. Fresh food, like fruits and vegetables after months at sea were nonexistent. Teeth would start to fall off. People were getting sick and many died for the lack of a tiny vitamin C… Yes, back in those days they did not know better…

But today? Do we know better? If we were to ask anyone on the street what vitamins do exactly? Which one is good for what? Where do we find the vitamin A, B, C, B, E, K, P etc in everyday food? Do you have a vitamin deficiency? I can assure you that the vast majority of people would fail miserably the test. They would not know much more than the sailors hundreds years ago. At least those sailors had an excuse. We do not.

We do live in the information age indeed! But which information do we care to know about? Which knowledge is important to you? A lot of people could tell you about the latest fashion show or trend. About who won whatever cup or which oil is best for your car. Strangely most of us could not answer what sustains life in our body… Sad don’t you think?

Information is part of the solution. Taking action is the other part.

What took scientists many years to discover, can take us only few minutes to educate ourselves about vitamins. We have the possibility, day or night, to learn more about what sustains life in our body and keeps us healthy. Health can be something we did. Sickness can be something we did not do. The knowledge is at your fingertips. But will you take action?

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