A Surprise Source Of Antioxidants

We all know that our diet has the amazing ability to make us really healthy or make us really sick. It’s no secret that medical researchers have linked poor diet to everything from obesity and heart disease to all forms of cancer. Those interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle understand the need to adopt a healthier diet. A diet focused on whole, natural foods does much in the way of delivering the body with the appropriate nutrients, as well an important source of antioxidants.

Antioxidants work on behalf of the body’s cells to fight off free radicals – unstable molecules in the body that wage attacks on healthy neighbors. Arming our body with appropriate levels of antioxidants is tantamount to providing weapons to an army. When you understand how antioxidants can protect the body from many forms of illness and disease – and even slow the aging process – you begin to realize how important it is to provide your body a consistent source of antioxidants.

Medical professionals agree that particular fruits and vegetables provide a significant source of antioxidants. So increasing your intake of these essential foods will go a long way to providing your body with important resources. But there is another source of antioxidants of which many may not be aware – red wine.

Obviously red wine has many benefits including its delicious taste and happy-inducing properties. But it is also considered a very significant source of antioxidants. Red wine – as we all know – is made from grapes. The skins of these grapes contain powerful antioxidants that have been shown to have positive effects on everything from heart disease to cancer.

It seems that the people in Europe seem to know what they’re doing. Europeans – who commonly enjoy red wine with meals, have been doing more than just enjoying a cocktail with dinner. Red wine that is responsibility integrated into your lifestyle – in moderation – can have tremendous impact on protecting your health. So go ahead and have a glass – it’s for your health!

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