Would These Natural Rosacea Remedies Help You?

Rosacea is a condition that affects thousands of people around the world, but many who suffer from it don’t even know they have it. Rosacea is a skin condition that effects the face that gives the false appearance that the person who is suffering from it is blushing deeply at all times. They look flushed and uncomfortable and the condition can be embarrassing. In some cases of Rosacea, swelling and pimples can be common, as well.

While doctors aren’t sure what causes Rosacea, it is thought that a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach may be relevant. Some doctors link Rosacea to food allergies or microscopic parasites and it is impacted by environmental factors like the weather or heat. It is three times more likely in women than in men.

Treating Rosacea naturally is a good place to start when looking for ways to reduce symptoms. The first thing is to try to figure out if you have any food allergies. Remember, just because you haven’t been allergic to something in the past does not mean that you won’t ever be. Rosacea is most common in people aged 30-50, and often food allergies can show up during that same age group.

Once you have determined whether you’re eating any foods that you might have an allergy to, the next step is eliminating those foods from your diet. Sometimes this can be harder than it sounds. Yeast allergies seems to be the most common food allergy associated with Rosacea. If yeast isn’t causing you problems, try to eliminate foods from your diet that are known to dilate blood vessels, such as spicy food, alcohol or caffeine.

Some Rosacea sufferers have found that their most serious outbreaks often coincide with bouts of indigestion. This correlation is usually found when eating fatty foods. A basic digestive enzyme pill taken before eating has shown major improvements for Rosacea sufferers.

The next step if those things don’t work is to find out if you have a lack of hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Your doctor can prescribe natural hydrochloric acid tablets that you dissolve under your tongue that can help clear up Rosacea.

Some sufferers of Rosacea have found that some skin creams high in aloe or lanolin work to clear up most of the signs of Rosacea.

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Also sufferers of Rosacea have noticed improvements after taking vitamin b-12 supplements. You can find vitamin B-12 at any grocery store or health food store. The vitamin B-12 link to Rosacea is actually linked through tiny mites that live on the skin, but tend to live in larger numbers on the skin of those that suffer from Rosacea. The mites block pours and cause an increase in bacteria on the surface of the skin that is thought to lead to Rosacea. An increase in vitamin B helps keep these mites at their normal level, therefore controlling Rosacea.

Because Rosacea is so misunderstood by modern science, finding a consensus for a cure can be almost impossible. The best thing to do to find the treatment that works for you is to talk to a doctor who is well-versed in treating Rosacea and also speak with other Rosacea sufferers to find out what works for them. It may be a case of trial and error.

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