Understanding The Common Cause Of Stretch Marks


There are a number of things which are said to cause stretch marks and these causes are often debated by researchers. Some say they are purely as a result of a bad diet while others say that it is a result of hormonal imbalances in the body or genetics. No matter what the causes are the truth of the matter is that they are frustrating to deal with and many of the people who have them suffer from low self esteem. Much of the research I’ve personally done suggests that stretch marks may be caused in part by hormonal changes in the body. My argument for this is based on the fact that pregnant women are the largest candidate for developing these marks.

It isn’t a big secret that women undergo various hormonal changes in their bodies during pregnancy. Some studies have suggested that as many as 75% of women will develop these marks during their pregnancy. They are also particularly common in teenagers who again are going through hormonal changes in their body as a result of puberty. Another group that tends to get stretch marks more than average are bodybuilders. Because many bodybuilders take steroids, and steroids are known for causing hormonal changes in the body, this is more evidence that there is a connection between steroids, hormones and stretch marks. However, more research will have to be done in order to verify whether or not I’m right. In any event, there are a number of things you can do to get prevent them and treat them.

If you’re a woman, and you become pregnant, you can eliminate them during your pregnancy by drinking lots of water, and eating foods rich in vitamins E and A (but first check that they are safe to take when pregnant). In addition to this, you will want to take care of your skin, using moisturizers and other products early in your pregnancy so that the marks don’t appear. A word of warning though. If your mother got them during pregnancy you are more than likely to get them too.

If you’re a man, while you will want to work out your body in order to stay strong and healthy, use discretion and balance. Don’t work out your body to the point where your skin tears because this is when they usually will appear. Many men end up with these scars because they push their bodies too far when lifting weights or doing other intense exercises. Additionally, you can also avoid them by watching what you eat. I would personally eliminate foods from my diet which are lacking in nutrients and other important vitamins.

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