Simple Rules For Acquiring Healthy Skin


Our Western society seems rather obsessed with the idea of the perpetual appearance of youth no matter how old one becomes. Pick up any women’s magazine (men’s magazines don’t seem to have this attribute) and you will find a multitude of skin products being advertised; all with the goal of keeping you looking younger than you are.

So, what is a woman to do? Buy every product that makes a great case for their product and hope for the best while her husband turns grey and wrinkled and “distinguished looking”? Not a chance.

There are some very basic rules to staying healthy and vibrant looking. The number one rule is that if you actually are healthy and vibrant you will look it even if you have age appropriate wrinkles. Skin must be kept moist and healthy in order to look good. This is where the beauty products come in. A good moisturizer is an essential tool in building healthy skin.

Most women feel they need to try different products before they find one they really like and that works well for them. Sometimes a day moisturizer as well as a night moisturizer work best. The day cream is lighter and easier to wear with makeup while the night moisturizer is heavier and can re-invigorate skin while you sleep. Most women also feel the need to try new products sometimes.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The key is that one should always be using a moisturizer that works and feels good, no matter what the brand. Just don’t believe that any one product can work miracles.

The second rule to healthy skin is water. Skin is mostly moisturized from the inside, not the outside. So, while your moisturizers help keep your skin supple, they mostly work by keeping moisture in rather than by putting moisture in. So, drinking lots of water and keeping your body hydrated is extremely good for your skin (not to mention the rest of your parts).

Exercise is also very good for your skin and its healthy appearance. A moderate amount of exercise is essential for good health and as we already mentioned healthy skin comes from being as healthy as possible.

A key element of your own personal aging strategy is mental attitude. Are you a woman who is smart, accomplished and loved? Do you feel that those are achievements that you should be proud of or do you think that looking younger than you are is a more worthy goal? Do you spend more time working on a healthy lifestyle or on creating the illusion of youth?

These are some tough questions but they may actually help you determine what your priorities are in your life. Do you see your husband’s wrinkles and grey hair and love him just the way he is because he is your soul mate and you would not miss a minute together?

Chances are pretty good that he feels the same way about you. Hollywood romance movies are one thing but real life and real relationships are something else. Don’t put too much credence on the appearance of movie stars. You are the star of your life. Your own leading lady. Your life is about you and your values and personal accomplishments and your relationships. A few well earned wrinkles certainly won’t diminish those kinds of valuable parts of your life.

So, go ahead and read all the ads for new anti aging creams and formulas. Spend a little time browsing the beauty counter at your favourite department store and try some great new products. That is something that is good for every woman’s soul. Just make sure you spend as much time on being healthy and vibrant and carrying those little signs of aging with the appropriate amount of disregard. You could never have accomplished everything you have if you were still only 21!

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