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As an introduction, 80 percent of an eczema cure is on the inside. If you want to cure your eczema, you need to work on the inside, not on the outside. Ointments, steroids and creams only exacerbate your skin condition.

The skin condition eczema is a reflection of the state of your internal organs. Your skin’s job – your skin is an amazing organ – is to eliminate toxins and acids through the body. It’s one of the largest organs of the body. The elimination of waste and toxins is done through sweat, and it will remove salts, acids and waste. A certain amount of the waste is eliminated through the skin, as I’ve said. However, if other organs are not functioning at their full capacity, such as your liver or your bowel or your kidneys or your lungs even, if they are not functioning, if they are overwhelmed, then your body will try to eliminate acids and waste through the skin.

The reason why your skin is irritated, the reason why your skin itches is because of the acid in your blood. Your body is trying to eliminate the waste and acid through your skin because your other organs are overwhelmed. This acid waste is what’s burning your skin and what’s causing you to continually itch. And that’s why you’re constantly itching both day and night.

Eczema is a symptom, as I’ve said. It’s a symptom of the condition or the state of your body. It’s an indication that your body is over-acidic as opposed to alkaline. Your bowels aren’t moving efficiently and your kidneys aren’t moving efficiently and your lungs aren’t expelling air efficiently.

I’m going to give you a number of things that you could do starting from today, which is going to dramatically allow you to eliminate the waste from your body in an efficient and systematic way. If you are serious about curing your eczema, the number one thing I think you should do is do a bowel cleanse. The bowel cleanse will cleanse your internal organs. It will clear your intestines. And sometimes, you’ll find, especially if you’ve never done a bowel cleanse, that you have waste that has been compacted for decades, for three or four or five decades, that’s compacted in your intestines. We need to get rid of all this waste that’s in your bowel.

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