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Summer is the time to relax, have fun and enjoy being outside. The sun is finally out, the chill is gone from the air and the kids are off school; what better time to take a vacation and head for the beach?

Thousands of people have got the same idea, but the fact is that many of them forget about proper skin care with the excitement of a holiday and neglect to take care of themselves while out in the hot sun.

With skin cancer rates on the rise, you must remember that one blistering sunburn brings you statistically closer to developing the disease later in life, so for yourself and for you family, do not forget the sunscreen!

The first thing to think about during the summer is pretty obvious: the sun. Warm temperatures and blazing sunrays mean that your skin is in constant danger of burning and sustaining long term damage.

It is really simple to stop this process, so all you need to do is apply strong sunscreen (waterproof brands will let you enjoy the ocean or lake without worrying about reapplication) find a shady spot after a short amount of direct sunlight and cover up if you plan to spend the whole day outside.

Depending on where you are in the world, the UV index will be higher or lower in risk, so consult the local weather channel before heading off to the coast and take on board how long they advise you to stay in the sun.

It is perfectly normal to want to spend your entire day outside, but do not lose hope if the weather man tells you to only stay in the sun for an hour. After this initial space of time, it becomes very likely that your skin will burn, so if you want to stay outside, put on a long sleeved shirt, a pair of pants and a sunhat. Clothing is your best defence against sun damage.

Once you have taken sun damage into consideration and taken the necessary precautions, you can start to relax and enjoy your holiday! You will probably find that the summer heat is drying out your own skin regardless of how much time you spend outdoors, but it can also become oily from exposure to the heat.

What is a person to do? As with most skin conditions, the best thing you can do is make sure you are cleansing your skin as often as you need to (this may be several times a day) and using an antibacterial rinse as well.

Since your skin is likely to produce a great deal of oil in response to the sun, you should only apply a small amount of moisturiser daily; any more could give you an overly oily face and will invite unfriendly bacteria.

Skin care is always about maintaining a balance between moisture and dryness, and this does not change in the summer. What does change, however, are the circumstances you are faced with when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Always remember that moisture is essential to two things: the health of your skin and the health of millions of bacteria! You need to keep your skin hydrated but not at the expense of developing small infections like acne, so wash and disinfect your face every few hours when in the sun to dissuade bacteria.

Always remember that protection from UV rays is the most important factor in summer skin care, so cover up! There is no good reason to neglect your skin, but it is also unforgivable to miss out on a great summer, so get out there and stay safe!

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