Washing Your Delicate Lingerie Without Ripping it Apart

Though the styles of lingerie have changed over the years, throughout history it has played a very important role in women’s lives.

When you think about it, lingerie has been at the center of womanly allure and attraction for far longer than most people can remember. Keeping these delicate items clean has been a rough battle over the years, especially with fabrics like silk and lace. Even the modern styles have had their issues when it comes to cleaning.

Lingerie requires much more care than a simple pair of jeans. The delicate nature of the fabric means you have to pay special attention to the instructions on the tag. These tags will tell you all the information you are going to need in order to make sure your lingerie is kept nice and clean, without tearing it to shreds. You should always wash your lingerie by hand as the ribbons and lace will get torn off if put into a washing machine. There are some that require you to have them dry cleaned as well, so pay close attention to what the tags tell you.

When you are hand washing your delicate lingerie, always remember to use mild detergent to help protect the fabric from fading and stretching. Your lingerie should be washed very carefully in lukewarm water and should not be crushed or rubbed too hard.

Many types of lingerie require that you use cold water to wash it in. And when you are done washing them, always remember to hang them up to air dry. Never put your delicates in the clothes dryer as the heat will cause them to shrink. Not only that, but they can have their ribbons and other accessories pulled off as they tumble around with other clothes.

Cotton fabric is best cleaned by hand with mild detergent as well. If you don’t use this method you can inadvertently change the shape of the garment and there is a very good chance that the color can fade. When drying cotton always remember to dry flat or hang up so that they don’t lose their shape or shrink.

Fabrics such as silk and synthetics should be dry cleaned. Cleaning this way will protect the color and keep the delicate material from trying to shred when it gets too weak. Keeping your delicate lingerie clean may take you some time, but it’s worth it in the long run.

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