Top Ten Issues to Watch When You Buy Lingerie

If you were given a priority wise arrangement of the type of clothes you were – the top spot would undoubtedly go to ‘lingerie‘. Lingerie is something very close to you and your wellness and comfort level depends on it. Moreover, it makes you feel special and sexy from within. Therefore, there are some issues to be kept in mind when going to shop for lingerie.

Issue 1: Choosing the right size

This is perhaps the main area where women go wrong. Even if they need a bigger size, they buy lingerie which is smaller in size, knowingly or unknowingly. According to a popular research, did you know that most women do not know their correct bra size? Insist on the size chart before buying lingerie. Also, wearing a tight fit underwear can gradually lead to elevated blood pressures, headaches to name a few! So next time you go for lingerie shopping, make sure you get hold of a size chart.

Issue 2: Is there a Clear Refund/Exchange Policy?

These days with the mushrooming of supermarkets and huge departmental stores, the monopoly of a single brand is over – that means that more shops offer trial rooms to feel comfortable in your lingerie. But even then, we might not feel it in a way than if we used it for a day or two. Thus, a clear need of a refund or exchange policy rises. Check with the online or offline shops’ exchange policies.

Issue 3: Is there a privacy policy?

Lingerie is something very private and person to an individual. Therefore it is important that the shops have a robust privacy policy in place. No one would like to discuss lingerie in public!

Issue 4: Do they allow you to track your order?

With online shopping becoming the mantra of the young and the tech savvy, women prefer to buy lingerie online; they shy from going to a store and trying out different varieties. It is important that the site from which you buy, allows you to track your order.

Issue 5: Do they have an address and telephone number?

Again, for proper tracking and other queries, they must have contact and telephone numbers that work! More applicable for online stores!

Issue 6: Do they have an 1800 Free Call number to get human assistance?
IVR may not always work. And with private and personal things such as lingerie, you cannot afford to take chances.

Issue 7: Do they use common credit card facilities like PayPal?

Needless to say, it makes your payment method easier and gives you the option to roam worry free.

Issue 8: Do they deliver discretely?

You wouldn’t like your neighbour to know what sexy lingerie you bought! Will you?

Issue 9: Do they provide live support to get help on line?

Buying lingerie is not something you can achieve at one go. Online live support will help you address your problems better.

Issue 10: Do they recommend other products that you should know about?

With endless designs and variety, it often becomes a herculean task to choose. If they can assist you in buying what you need, the shopping experience becomes easier and better. values your business and thats why when we sell you our lingerie, we give you a 90-day Exchange Guarantee, 10% off your first order and Free Shipping on Orders over $200. We do this because we want to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible and outstanding lingerie and service.

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