The Perfect Bra for Dancing

Dancing is one of the dynamic, heavy-perspiring activities that people like to do. It is a lot of fun and healthy at the same time since the body movements in dancing resemble those you do during proper exercise. For women, however, it is a little bit tricky in terms of the outfit and the undergarment to wear for a dance. This article thus discusses the perfect bra to dance.

Is there a perfect bra to dance?

The answer to that question is yes, there is. It depends on a few things like the outfit you wear on top of the bra and the type of dance you do. From there you can decide which bra is perfect to go with that dress to dance.

For a low neckline dress, you will need a demi sports bra. This type of bra keeps your bra hidden under the outer dress when you do certain aggressive dance moves. Its cut-away style allows you to reveal more cleavage and chest skin and it is perfect for dresses with low cut neck.

If you do belly dancing, the bra you are wearing is obviously one of the most important apparels. A push-up bra (there are some push-up sports bra out in the market now) with funky designs on the outside may be the right choice for this. It increases the sensuality of the dancer and gives the support needed.

And then there is aerobics, which technically isn’t a dance but adapts similar moves with it. Support is very important in aerobics since a lot of jumping is involved. To get the proper support, a sports bra is recommended. Sports bras will reduce or eliminate harsh movements to the breasts during aerobics. It is generally accepted to just wear a sports bra without an additional outer piece during aerobics.

For other types of dancing like ballroom dancing, freestyle dancing, hip hop dancing or even break dancing, usually an outer layer is worn over the sports bra. So sports bras with plain design or solid color might be best.

An important feature that is so often taken for granted no matter which sports bra you choose is breathability. Dancing like any other sports will make you sweat much more than you usually do. It is essential to keep yourself as dry as possible not only for the aesthetics, but also for the overall heal of your skin as prolonged exposure to sweat has a tendency to cause acne and other skin conditions. Sports bras with moisture-wicking fabric alone can only do so much. Ventilated padding (or bra cups) along with moisture wicking and breathable fabric will provide the wearer with better wearing experience. The ventilated padding (bra cups with perforations throughout) will allow more air passage to the breast area while the moisture-wicking materials help the clothing dry faster.

In conclusion, whichever type of sports bra you choose for dancing, breathable and support should both be important criteria for consideration.

Carla Ardian is a young, aspiring writer who especially concerns on women issues. At the moment she writes regularly for the Breeze Comfort.

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