The 4-1-1 on Nancy Ganz Body Shapers

When it comes to slimming undergarments, a woman has an array of options to choose from; however, Nancy Ganz Body Shapers have become especially popular amongst women for a variety of reasons. Constructed from a blend of nylon, polyester, and rubber, this shapewear is ideal for contouring and slimming the feminine profile. This particular body shaper features adjustable straps and a built in body band to ensure that a woman obtains a lean figure. The Nancy Ganz line was first introduced to women in the mid 1990’s with the introduction of the immensely popular Hip Slip. From this foundational garment, the line has expanded into a full range of women’s slimming and shapewear undergarments.

In most professional and consumer written reviews, body shapers by Nancy Ganz have been praised as supremely comfortable. Each product line is designed to be compatible with the latest trends in women’s fashion. A woman may choose to wear this shapewear for special occasions only, like underneath her holiday dress; however, each garment is comfortable enough to be worn for everyday use. In particular, one of the most popular of these body slimmers offered by Nancy Ganz is the Belly Band Brief. The garment’s distinguishing feature is a band that contours and molds the abdominal section to achieve a more streamlined silhouette. The Belly Band Brief is available in numerous different styles, from the Biker shorts model to the Thong model.

These body slimmers are available by popular retailers online, such as Amazon. Nancy Ganz brand has also been featured on a variety of different television shows, like Dr. Phil and Good Morning America. Before purchasing one of these garments online, it is imperative that a woman be aware of her body’s measurements in order to ensure that she orders the right size. Despite their high level of quality and popularity, the body shapers remain quite affordable for most individuals. A monetary price cannot be placed upon the confidence that Nancy Ganz body slimmers inspire.

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