Shapewear – Your Quickest Fix For Any Occasion

Imagine this scenario. You are in front of the mirror about to attend a dinner party with dozens of clothes at hand and not knowing what to wear. You choose a few different dresses from your closet, try them on and… Voila, Love-handles here and there! Try black dress #1, hard time pulling it up, zip it up and the bulges seem to find their way through the dress. Cocktail dress #2, little tight on the hip area but wait, it’s kind of uncomfortable to move (dress might rip). Tube dress #3, forget it, it’s hard to breathe now that you actually have to suck in the whole time so that your tummy won’t have to appear as bad. Oh no, the horror! Isn’t it just one of those days where you ask yourself:

1.) Did the dress shrink in the drier?
2.) I’m sure they gave me the wrong size when I bought this dress
3.) Omg, Did I just gain all that weight in X amount of time?

Yes, yes this scenario has happened to us quite a lot and it’s hard for us women to admit that we ACTUALLY got a dress size bigger. Do not fret though because the good news is that there is a quick solution for this dilemma, and it’s called shapewear. Now, this is not our grandma’s girdles, no, no, no. This is designed to give you instant curves and to tone down your problem areas so you could get into that dress without all the distress of those unwanted bulges.

There is shapewear designed for the usual problem areas we have. Here are some recommended items for you to get that quick fix in situations like these:

1. Love Handles – Smooth them quickly with a waist cincher to give you that beautiful hourglass shape.
2. Muffin Top – Hide unwanted muffin tops with a piece of bodysuit. Tones you down a notch and get you back in shape into that dress.
3. Shapely Thighs – For an instant body makeover sure to make you have a dress size smaller choose a full body shaper to do lots of wonders.
4. Flat Buns – Need a little push on your rear? Derriere Enhancers help you have a round and more defined behind but hush, don’t tell them your little secret!

Ah yes, body shapers are our best solutions for times like these when you need the quickest fix. In no time, you’ll be able to fit in that dress without the tugging, wiggling and thought of losing a zipper or button. But of course, there is nothing like getting back in shape. With the help of regular exercise, balanced healthy diet and daily use of shapewear, you’re guaranteed to look fab instantly and say goodbye to these types of dilemma.

Beverly M. Rafael, article writer for vedette shapewear she provides useful articles about beauty tips, weight loss and body shapewears. For more details on finding quality garments online visit

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