History of the Bra

The torturous corset underwent women to four centuries of sacrifice in the name of beauty. Tight laces were forcing her breasts up and quickened their breathing, in an era in which women were subjected to respiratory problems, digestive and circulatory to have sexy breasts.

During this period, men dominated the lingerie industry, and encouraged the use of the corset to ensure the “virtue of their wives’ and their profits too.

In 1889, Herminie Cadolle cut off the top of the annoyance corsets and thus created the bra. A model similar to the one known today, cotton and silk, was developed in 1912.

Only in the 30s, different sizes and shapes of breasts began to be considered when producing a bra, and began to be made bras in sizes ranges from A to D. Thereafter, the bra won new materials, models, and earned a link with the behavior of women in the society.

With the shortage of silk caused by the Second World War (1939-1945), the textile industry had to seek new materials. It happened the arise of synthetic fibers, which gave the bra elasticity and resistance. For 20 years, the object which supports the breasts underwent several changes, accompanying the anatomy of generous busts of the stars of the time.

In the 50s, the actress Brigitte Bardot appears with a tiny half-cup bra trimmed with lace. Convinced that the bra was the primary symbol of male sexual repression, feminists burned bras in public, encouraging women to abolish the use of the piece. The protest happened in 1958, soon after the advent of lycra.

It was the beginning of the sexual revolution of the 60s, at which point women were becoming more and more loose. These are the times of the valorization of small breasts and more delicate bras, free from seams.

But some years later, women start to realize that the bra, more than a seductive accessory, has the function of supporting the breasts, what brought the bra back in use. In the 80s, lingerie for the breasts becomes a great ally of the women who joined the aerobics fever. In 1982, appears lace with lycra.

After decades of camouflaged breast, the 90s brings the appreciation of the bust as a reference to femininity. From new fabrics and colors, models appear to enhance or enlarge breasts. Science becomes one more tool of the industry to ensure women satisfaction with the bra.

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