Freya Plunge Bras – Girlish, Fun, and Sexy!

Freya is a Scandinavian goddess of love and fertility. Freya, the lingerie company, has created a new line of plunge bras and named them for girls everywhere. Freya plunge bras reflect a spirit of fun and fashion that will make women everywhere feel like a goddess every day.

The spunky Freya Frankie model is a good case in point. A close look at the pattern reveals a profusion of colored polka dots on a white background. Far from being a dull repeat of something seen a million times before, Freya has filled this design with a spirit that is always new. Large red and pink circles overlap and alternate with blue to really bring the look to life.

The Frankie is unpadded, too, so this model is strictly for those looking for the totally unassisted look. But, thanks to the low-cut plunge and sheer mesh, cleavage gets every chance to shine here. Girlish, fun, and sexy, it’s sure to be a favorite for many.

The Freya Deco moulded plunge model offers an entirely different look. A stark, hot pink fabric gives it an unbroken expanse. Here, emphasis is entirely on the cut. The low neckline creates cleavage that is enhanced still further by a bit of fashion engineering. The effect is achieved by 3/4 cups set slightly closer together than usual. It’s finished with picot trim and charming little bows at the gore and strap join.

The Freya Celia model provides a fine opportunity to point out some contrasts. A full-cup plunge, it offers a floral pattern that evokes an aura of spring – full of warmth, fun, and lightheartedness. A lovely lace strip along the bustline provides a delightful touch. Take a closer look and you’ll find a two-tone satin bow at the central gore.

Somehow, though, the Celia plunge bra is more than just the sum of its parts. There’s no other model in the line that surpasses it in design excellence, but the effect is achieved very simply. It’s also done in a way to maximize comfort, courtesy of a blend of Polyamide, Polyester, and Elastane.

Another girly design joins the lineup in the Freya Carolyn model. Another nature theme is used here, but one with a more complex execution. Underwired for firm support, it’s a garden of flowers and vines in subtle greens and pinks.

Mesh topped cups and lack of padding provide a bit of revealing bustline that provides a womanly element to the girlish pattern. A double ribbon bow at the central gore gives it a lovely finish. All in all, a very fine piece of lingerie.

That fine work continues with the Freya Jessica plunge bra model, a design clearly intended to raise the pulse. A delicate yellow half cup below gets a subtle small, white polka dot pattern overlay. The top half cup is mesh that creates one of the most revealing looks in the whole line. That reveal is accomplished by sheer lace finished with a lovely yellow scallop border.

Freya plunge bras [] offer fashion and fun to mere mortals. Wear a Freya bra [] and become a goddess.

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