Convertible Bra – Let it Enhance Your Cleavage

Convertible bras have been around for a long time and are a great bra to have in the closet for enhancement purposes. If you don’t have a convertible bra, it is time you made the plunge, no pun intended, and make the purchase. The sheer versatility of this bra makes it an essential weapon in your arsenal of bras designed to show off and improve your cleavage.

So what makes the convertible bra so versatile?

If you never owned or used a convertible bra, you probably might not be 100% sure exactly what they are. Basically the convertible bra has removable and re-positional straps. Because of the design and configuration of the bra straps, you have the option of using your bra with straps on one shoulder only, halter necked layout or even cross backed, that’s at least three different variations and styles you can choose from out of the one bra.

By using the re-positional straps is is possible to maximise the look of your cleavage, making them look as big, full and firmer as possible under all manners of tops and dresses, especially under items of clothing like single shouldered tops or halter neck tops and dresses. These bras offer you the best options for enhancing your cleavage and making the most of your femininity.

When you first use these bras they can be tricky to figure out the best way to use and offer the maximum amount of enhancement for you. So take your time and practise using them and changing the positions of the straps and altering their length till you achieve the best possible fit that suits you the most.

Due to the nature of these bras, probably the most important piece of advice is making sure they are the correct fit for you. It is vitally important that you make sure you are measured correctly before purchasing a convertible bra, most lingerie shops or departments in large department stores offer free measuring services, make sure you take advantage of this. Get the measurement wrong on these bras and no matter how you change and alter the straps it will never look perfect on you. These Bras are generally more expensive than normal bras, but the extra cost is well worth the possibilities these bras offer to you.

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