Choose Cheap Or Expensive Tights?

As with any item of clothing, some brands of tights are going to be cheaper than others, and the choices you make will undoubtedly come down to how much you’re willing to spend on them. But what are the most expensive and cheapest brands of tights?

It would probably be more beneficial to look at them in terms of the three categories that most brands fall into: Luxury, Standard and Budget. The quality of the tights as well as the prices will be different in each, so it’s a good place to start.

Budget tights are the cheapest versions. Often supermarket own-brands, they’ll not only be cheaper but you’ll often be able to see the reasons why as well. Many people claim to notice the difference in this category, as the tights will often be less well fitting, uncomfortable and of a lower grade material. But, they fill the purpose. Budget brand tights are needed in these credit crunch times, and are great if you’ve forgotten to buy your hosiery elsewhere and have an outfit that requires them.

The standard category of tights will have the more well-known brands that are slightly better in quality, and subsequently are a bit more expensive. Brands such as Aristoc and Pretty Polly would fall into this category. They’ll be more comfortable than cheaper supermarket versions and will offer a wider range of colours and styles.

The final category, and as such the most expensive, is the luxury category. As you would expect, luxury tights carry a pretty hefty price tag, but many people say that the superior quality of tights in this category makes spending that extra money worthwhile. Brands in this category would be those of expensive lingerie lines, such as Agent Provocatuer and Victoria’s Secret. Other expensive brands would be those that have been developed for a particular purpose, such as the caffeine tights by SkinKiss.

There are hundreds of other brands that can be added to these categories. Which one you go for will depend on how much you’re willing to spend as well as the quality that you’re after. Many people choose to go for more expensive brands because they think that the quality, comfort and fit of these tights is superior to cheaper branded versions. They claim that you really can tell the difference.

While this can sometimes be true, as long as you choose well and don’t go for the ultra-cheap brands you’re unlikely to notice too much of a difference. Go for whichever one you like best, and the one that matches your specifications and preferences. No matter what the cost or the brand, tights can be a great addition to any wardrobe.

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