Coconut Kefir – Making Water Kefir With Coconut Water

Coconut Kefir can be made by letting water kefir grains ferment in the water from inside a coconut. This is not the same as coconut milk, which is made from the flesh of the coconut. Coconut water is the fluid that sloshes around inside an unbroken coconut. Using coconut water instead of regular sugary water adds a variety of health benefits to the finished drink, and of course gives it a refreshing coconut taste!

The coconut has been recognised for its healing properties for thousands of years! By including it as an ingredient in your kefir drinks, you are adding an extra dimension to the health-giving properties of the kefir itself.

Our bodies use electrical signals to tell different parts of the body what to do. The signals are sent around the body through our nerves, which contain substances called electrolytes to carry the electrical signals. Coconut water is a natural source of these electrolytes, which help to keep our bodies hydrated, our minds clear, and our reflexes sharp. Many athletes use coconut water as a substitute to other isotonic drinks, to enhance performance over long periods of time.

It is best to use the water from an unripe coconut to brew kefir, as this will have the highest sugar content. Unripe coconuts are big and green, and as they ripen become smaller and brown – the kind of coconuts we usually come across in supermarkets and grocery stores. Water from inside ripe coconuts can be used too, but it helps to add a few spoonfuls of sugar to the mix! Basically, the kefir grains convert the sugar into energy, so that they can grow and reproduce.

This Kefir is made in exactly the same way as you would make kefir with sugar water, and it will even retain a coconut taste when it is finished. You may want to add a little coconut milk – which can be bought from your local supermarket in a tin – and some sugar, to make the taste of the drink richer and sweeter (and maximise the additional benefits that the coconut brings to the drink!).

To liven up your coconut kefir, you could try adding other ingredients. Pineapple juice can be combined with the coconutty taste to create a tropical feel. If you enjoy sweeter drinks, why not add some vanilla essence, sugar and cream. This can be blended together with some coconut flesh to create a coconut-flavoured milkshake.

Coconut kefir is highly recommended, simply because it has even more health benefits than traditional kefir drinks. It is known to relieve a variety of illnesses, and to help the body to regulate itself (and recover itself after illnesses).

For more information about the health benefits of coconut, you may want to read – The Health Benefits of Coconut Kefir Water.

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