Tips and Tricks for Choosing Silver Rings

I have always been in love with silver jewelry for as long as I can remember. I have such a special fondness for silver rings that you will never catch me wearing gold. A long time ago, I learned that it’s impossible to mix the two, and I don’t really care. Every piece of jewelry that I wear is made exclusively of silver. Of course, I have a few gold pieces but I never wear them. Several years ago, my husband got me a gold watch and I did wear it for a while just for him. After a few months, he learned that he should only purchase silver jewelry for me.

I never take some of my silver rings off my fingers. This is because each of them has a special memory attached, and I feel naked if they are not on my fingers. However, some silver pieces are incompatible with my skin type. Some of the cheaper kinds seem to always turn my finger green or brown underneath. However, I can’t say it’s always the cheap ones because I have spent good money on silver rings that have done the same thing.

I get rid of the silver items that react undesirable to my skin. Some people say that coating silver rings with clear nail polish can prevent any discoloration of the wearer’s skin. However, I don’t really have the time for that, nor do I want to mess with it. I tried to be careful with the rings I buy, but I never know which ones are going to do it. It’s not always practical to buy the most expensive silver rings I can find because I buy so many of them. There are also times when the ones I fall in love with at first glance might not be all that expensive.

You have to make sure that you are buying ones that are pure sliver if you find that you have this problem with silver rings. Of course, if you also react to silver, then this is not a solution. You should be wary of silver items that are free or so cheap it seems to be a steal. This is because these items are usually silver plated rings that might have nickel inside. Nickel may be one of the things that make silver rings react with some people’s skin. You do not have to settle for junk because there are plenty of great rings out there.

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