The Strongest Watch Ever Made!


Casio G Shock Atomic is the sports watch with plastic body material. It is available with features like world time zones, 12/24 hours, 1/100 second resolutions, elapsed and split time and hourly and snoozing alarms. It gives water resistance up to 200 meter. Its price starts with $69.95. The time piece is good enough but cannot beat the clock.


The time piece is Solar-powered; with multiple alarms; atomic clock synchronization; time recording; split stopwatch mode; supports multiple time zones. You can record up to 30 various start and stop times and double split time that records two finishes.


In urban areas, synchronization signal reception are weak, recessed buttons are little tough to press; time piece is little heavy

The watch is suitable to wear while mountain biking, trekking, at beaches and trudging to a campsite. It will require you to spent time to read and understand manuals to navigate between various modes and their functions. Setting time with radio signals is little in convenient or rather complex in specific regions. Physical obstructions such as mountains, buildings interfere with the broadcast; people living in coastal regions may suffer the indignity of setting the time manually. You don’t have to worry about the solar charger which draws power from the sun. There is handy power meter. The G-Shock is backed with one-year warranty, feels lean given the reputation for toughness. Compared to other sports watches, this time piece is little soft on features. Though, some of them like its durability and solar-powered features.

Today, Casio is focusing on solar-powered radio-controlled watches. This will eliminate the drawback of replacing batteries. The radio-controlled functions will remove the drawback of resetting the time by the users which will represent the revolution in time-keeping technology. Casio will continue to produce whole range of radio-controlled watches with development of features like high radio-wave sensitivity, improved energy efficiency and miniaturization.

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