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Pearls are not only symbol of purity virtue and modesty but are real organic gems on this earth. Cultured pearls are more than just jewels. Not only are women passionate about wearing pearl jewelry, but also the quality of pearls a woman wears defines her persona and her desire to look beautiful and elegant.

Akoya pearls are world renowned for their brilliant shine, spherical shape and lustrous appeal. Women all over the world have passion for pearl jewelry and pearl jewelry designed with fine extra top quality pearls bring true charms and sophistication to any neckline. But what is ‘akoya’? It simply means saltwater in Japanese language. Ever since Mikimoto of Japan invented and patented the culturing techniques of growing cultured pearls in sea water, the quality of akoya pearls dazzled many pearl lovers.

For many decades Japan dominated the akoya pearls market for its best quality and production but recently with the improved and better modern techniques China has emerged the most powerful country. Many Japanese shifted their pearl farming to China and more than 80% of the pearl harvest is done in Chinese pearl farms. Akoya pearls are brought from China and tagged as Japanese akoya pearls in most cases. It is difficult to make any real distinction and often consumers land up paying higher prices.

Akoya pearls are graded from A to AAA, obviously the AAA quality is the best of all because of its perfect spherical round shape, no blemishes and high lustrous quality.

Akoya pearl necklace is the perfect gift for the loved ones and women love pearl jewelry and if this season one is thinking of charming the sweet heart, akoya pearl necklace is one of the best choices. Pearl Jewelry is one of the most romantic jewelry gifts.

The most popular akoya pearl necklaces are of 16″ to 18″ length and buying complete set of necklace, earrings and bracelet not only you get the ultimate trios but save money.

Akoya pearls are the true gems of sea and if diamonds are forever, pearls are timeless fashion statement. Pearl necklaces are classic and traditional yet still in fashion, trendy and affordable.

Spend money buying quality pearl jewelry – quality par excellence!



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