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A pair of little sparrows whisper to each other on the tree, and one of them is crying in sadness. The other one is trying to explain hurriedly” my darling, please, listen to me. The ring on my foot is just a ring from the Animal Protection Society, and it is not my wedding ring.”
It is a funny story, but we can see something .when we refer to wedding rings, what we get in mind? Happiness? Marriage? Wedding ring is the symbol of love and promise. When the wedding ring is on your third finger, and it means permanency, love and royalty.

When we come to rings, I am puzzled. So what kinds of wedding rings can be the best choice? That reminds me something. My dad and my mum got a pair of wedding rings. It is golden, 14K Gold Round Domed. I have ever asked my mum” why don’t you change an expensive pair, such the little diamond ring, since we can afford them.” I was touched by the answer. She said” wedding ring means forever love and the gold ring means warmth and passion for marriage.

And from then on, I got to know more about the gold ring. There are three kinds of gold ring, 24K, 18K and 14K. And the most popular ones are the 14K and the 18K. But in the west countries, the winner belongs to 14K gold rings. Why?
First, among the three ones, the 14K has the highest hardness. And its firm durability is also standing out. For 50 years, it still will not get damaged. so, that is why there is the word” golden wedding”.

Second, it comes to its symbol. Everyone dreams of a happy marriage. Home means warmth and passion. A traditional gold ring is the best choice.
Third, we concern on the price. A wedding 14K Gold Round Domed NEW will not cost you much. The price is reasonable and it has special meaning.
Last but not the least, let’s pay attention the color. What do us really imagine when we see the color “gold”. Right, that is the presentation of nobleness. The couples with the gold ring on their fingers seem to be noble and dazzling.

All right,” a diamond lasts forever”. Somebody might confuse. Now, who is going to buy gold rings? They are out of fashion. Well, there is a point there. But for wedding rings, they are not simple decorations. It is a symbol of forever love. When we go to choose the wedding rings, there are many elements to be considered, price, durability, hardness, symbol, personal hobby, personal style and personal cultural cultivation. Not everybody can afford a diamond. The cost for wedding rings is not the standard to judge love. Maybe diamond is beautiful, expensive and sparking, but the gold ring is more noble, economic and practical.

When all these elements are taken into consideration, it is not hard to find the Wedding Ring 14K Gold Round Dome NEW is the best choice. For a wedding, maybe it will be luxury, grand and memorable, but the most important thing for lovers is still the one that means too much for couples-the small wedding ring. The brilliant gold color and the 14K design are enough to make the wedding party memorable. The 14K gold design is enough to create an amazing vision. For men, it is a symbol of social status, to make men look more successful; for women, it is the symbol of nobleness. Let’s go and choose the “14K Gold Round Domed Wedding Ring” for love, for happiness.

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