How To Find High Quality Diamonds Wholesale Without Getting Ripped Off

In time when you make jewelry there might come a day that you need a diamond or many of them to make the piece you are trying to make. These stones can cost anywhere from $50 to a million dollars depending how big of a stone you are looking into buying.

When it comes to selecting a quality diamond there are four Cs that one needs to consider. Cut clarity, carat weight and color. All these are the most important things you will need to remember when buying a diamond. If you don’t remember this then you might by a piece that is not of worth of your money seeing that your money can buy you any stone. You should be able to have what your money is worth and nothing less.

The cut of the diamond does not mean what the shape and size is of the stone. It refers back to the way it was cut and how good it was cut. The way it shines is how it is determined on how good it was cut. The shape of the stone is only an after thought and not looked at as a major factor in buying a diamond.

The clarity of a diamond however does not say to how clear it is it is trying to say how perfect it is and how flawless it can be. There are in many cases some of internal imperfections and some of exterior complications. A diamond of no flaws is worth hundreds maybe even thousands depending on the carat weight of the stone.

Diamonds come in a lot of different colors. The most common color for one to be is white or yellow. More colors are of availability but are rare and highly expensive. The color you need to stay clear of is a blue white diamond. A con jeweler may try and tell you that it is flawless and that it is rare but do not ever listen these sort of stones are of no use or value.

The carat weight of the diamond will be of most importance to the buyer. Big diamonds should come with a certificate of authenticity. You should most always ask for one of these when buying a stone from any jeweler. If they refuse to give you a certificate from one of the recognized gemstone grading organizations then don’t do business with them.

If you are cautious and do some research the odds are in your favor that you will still invest more time and energy in buying diamonds to resell than any other gemstone. Go out and try to find the best stone you can and don’t forget the certificate of authenticity.

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