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Diamonds have enthralled people down the ages and continue to do so. This is not only because of its spectacular dazzle but also for its unique qualities. They are the most versatile of gemstones, go with all kinds of clothes and look good on almost all people. They generally come in many varieties and styles and these styles are called cuts. Diamonds come in different cuts, and the popularity of the cut enhances the diamond. This is what determines the value of the diamond. Diamonds of equal weight but of different cuts can have a large price difference.

The most important advantage of a loose diamond is that it can be set in any kind of metal, with any kind of design a person desires. There are 4 C’s that people must keep in mind before planning to buy diamonds. The most essential one is cut. This does not refer to the shape of the diamond in the diamond ring. It actually refers to the angle at which the diamond is cut to obtain the maximum brilliance. Sometimes a jeweler can also cut a diamond wider and flatter in order to make the diamond look bigger. Clarity deals with the size of inclusions in the ring. It is always advisable to pick up diamond jewelry that have a fewer inclusions. A colorless or pure white diamond is exceptionally uncommon and expensive. The difference between a colorless and a nearly colorless diamond can rarely be found. Carat is the size or weight measurement of the diamond.

In recent times loose diamonds are becoming more popular. Loose diamonds are those that have not yet been placed in a piece of jewelry. Loose diamonds were originally mined in India thousands of years ago. However, most of the diamonds are found in Africa.

Loose diamonds can also be bought online, but it is always well again to see the actual stone before buying, as an image cannot help a buyer decide its quality.

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