Hair Loss Cause #1 And What You Can Do About It

What is hair loss cause number 1, the single most common reason for hair loss in men and women the world over?


Due to genetic factors passed on from our parents or from further back in the family tree, an individual may have a predisposition towards baldness.

At a certain time in life, hereditary factors can kick in so that hormonal changes in the body create what is called DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a substance which causes the hair follicles to stop creating new cells which eventually die and harden to form new hair shafts.

In men, there can even be early indications of hereditary baldness in the teen years although the vast majority develop pattern baldness later in life.

As a group, women in their forties seem to show noticeable signs of hair thinning, although it must be said their number is considerably less than men.

A Variety Of Manifestations

This main cause of hair loss also produces a great variety of manifestations.

In some, the balding process starts early in life and progresses rapidly. In others, signs of hair loss appear later and very gradually increase. Some individuals develop bald spots on the scalp within a matter of months.

Then again, there might be rapid hair loss to start with which then gradually tapers off so the rate of hair loss stabilizes while in other cases the rate of hair loss is almost unnoticeable for a long time until it finally starts accelerating at an alarming rate.

Not All Depressing News

At first glance, it might seem that hair loss cause number 1 has the upper hand. After all, if genetic factors are involved what chance does a person stand?

But the facts presented above do not constitute a totally depressing picture. There is some good news.

While an individual may not be able to stop a hair loss cause due to heredity from finally having some effect, the onslaught of hair loss can be delayed and minimized by paying close attention to lifestyle.

For example, many responsible medical practitioners point out that healthy hair growth is sustained by a proper diet, good nutrition, and frequent exercise to keep the body in good working order.

Hair follicles depend on proteins and nutrients from a healthy blood supply that circulates easily around the scalp. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and you stand a much higher chance of staving off the effects of hereditary pattern baldness.

A Desperate Public

This advice may not sit well with some. The public in general has manifested an almost desperate attitude in wanting various medications and treatments to work. The amazing public response to Rogaine when it first came on the market, (and since) is an indication of that.

While there is no doubt Rogaine works for some in stopping hair loss and promoting new growth, the results have limitations. Even the makers of the drug point out it works best with younger men who have experienced hair loss less than 10 years. A member of the advisory board that appeared before the FDA before it gave its approval also stated that he did not regard this medication as a medical breakthrough.

Jonathon E. Phillips in his interesting ebook “Hair Loss No More” puts together a whole body approach including diet and nutrition guidelines, an exercise regimen, and ways to oxygenate the blood, all of which can have a profound effect in delaying the number 1 hair loss cause. (See resource box for details)

Final Thoughts

Hair loss cause number 1 may seem formidable. However, with proper education and a willingness to implement certain lifestyle changes for healthier living, the effects can be delayed and minimized in many cases.

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