Best Hair Loss Treatment Revealed By Analyst

Some individuals are so desperate for the best hair loss treatment they become victims to hype and dubious promises which only lead to disappointment and a lighter pocket!

Leading international hair loss advisor Jonathon E. Phillips sets out in his ebook “Hair Loss No More” (see Resource Box below) to protect the innocent consumer against being enticed by false claims. At the same time he sets out a Step-By-Step Hair Power Regimen that doesn’t cost much except a little time and effort. In his opinion this is certainly the best hair loss treatment compared with prescription drugs and other remedies.

Mr. Phillips gives a very full explanation in his book regarding hair growth and the various factors contributing to hair loss. It is evident he is an expert in his field.

He believes the best hair loss treatment must involve the whole body. After all, applying lotions to the exterior or taking prescription drugs can be no match for understanding how your body works and the key elements of healthy blood and good blood circulation for hair follicles that work well and produce new hair.

Hair Loss No More” is divided into 3 parts with an excellent Appendix section which provides illuminating information on popular methods considered by some to be the best hair loss treatment including drugs such as Rogaine and Propecia.

The first section of the book gives an in-depth consideration of male pattern baldness, female hair loss, the effect of diet and nutrition, exercise, stress, and heredity factors which have a bearing on hair loss.

Section two then focuses on what Mr. Phillips believes is the best hair loss treatment – his revolutionary Step-By-Step Hair Power Regimen. In details he sets out a three part regimen which treats the whole person to ensure the risk of hair loss is greatly reduced and healthy hair growth is maintained.

While it may take some effort to implement, the regimen makes sense. There are no hypish false claims here. It does require an examination of one’s lifestyle. But then, if you are serious about keeping your hair, I would imagine the sacrifice is minimal in view of what is at stake.

In section three, Mr. Phillips gives some of the best explanations of various hair loss procedures including laser, transplants, hair lotions, and drugs such as Rogaine and Propecia. Some of the details may surprise you.

Finally the Appendix gives much information on various methods for helping the body reduce stress and stay in good ‘operating condition.’

Mr. Phillips’ answer to the question “What is the best hair loss treatment” may not sit easy with anyone looking for a quick, easy, immediate solution. In all honesty such a remedy does not exist. Even the FDA has issued a statement to that effect.

However, the guidelines in “Hair Loss No More” certainly demands close examination. Treating hair loss from the inside my be the best hair loss treatment you can get!

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