The Truth About Anti Wrinkle Cream Products

We have seen many TV commercials about anti aging products. Every day we are bombarded with ads from big household names. To name just a few: L’Oreal, Neutrogena, Clean Clear and many others.

But have you ever wondered if there is any truth to these promotions, or are they just pure hypes, solely designed for the purpose of selling and making as much money as possible out of our hard earned pockets?

In this article we will address some of the important things you need to be aware off before heading off to the local beauty store, cosmetics salons or ordering online.

The harsh reality might be something far from you expectations and imagination.

Most anti wrinkle cream and skin care beauty products DO NOT work!

No matter how highly praised, or how many good recommendations from so called “skin treatment experts” and scientists some anti aging cream products may receive, at best, most will either give little to no visible results of removing the annoying fold and lines on your face, or simply show no real change after few of months of continuous application.

So why most face creams do not work?

First, we women, all have very different skin types. A Loreal Revitalift may work wonders for your sister or cousin, but it indeed shows negative results on your skin, and you may even wonder why!

Example of such different results of using the same type of skin care creams is Lanolin oil extracted from lamp skin – a popular cosmetics line from New Zealand. Studies have shown numerous cases where a combination of Lanolin and Collagen substances have shown amazing results in reducing skin creases for most women. However, people who had naturally oily skin, found it irritating and the Lanoline only made their skin oilier instead of its intended purpose as a moisturizer and a skin smoother.

Second, some anti wrinkle treatment methods aren’t necessary about removing the ugly lines or dried sagged skin cells.

A good illustration of such product is Dremu’s Deception wrinkle cream. While the company promises to make you look more attractive, younger and more beautiful in just matter of days or even minutes, the truth is that their skin care line does not do anything about flattening you facial skin.

All you can expect from deception wrinkle cream is the visual illusion of reduced facial wrinkles. Deception cream may be a perfect solution for quick fixes, and urgent make up occasions, but it definitely will not do a thing to help you truly get smoother skin and feel confident about your appearance. After all, that’s why people call it “deception cheating cream”!

Third, you might have to be aware of wrinkle cream solutions that require continuous treatment on an ongoing basis.

While most creams that bring positive improvements to your skin can be obtained from the nearest pharmacy shops, there are thousands of fly by internet venders online, who would try to sell you skin care lines costing way over $100 per months.

Some might work very effectively and show notable results within days or weeks of use. But if you stop using them, the skin will almost immediately return back to its primal stage, or worse, look even more wrinkled with increased ugly lines and creases.

So make sure you do your own homework and research well before spending your hard earned money on any internet offers that have not proven themselves trustworthy or established long enough, to show that they can be reliable.

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