The Best Ways To Care For Your Hair

Today’s styles can really do a number on your hair. Combing puts stress on the fragile ends. Ponytail holders can make the baby-fine hairs around your face fray and break. Flat irons and curling irons can fry your hair if overused or not used properly. What’s a fashion-conscious girl to do?

Like it or not, the first step is a decent trim. You may be trying to let your hair grow out, but if it’s already damaged, then letting it grow while broken and frizzy is not going to be attractive. Besides, the damage may actually migrate up your hair as you continue to do the same things which caused the initial damage. A fresh cut will snip away the old, making you fresh for the new.

The second step is balanced, sulfate-free shampoo and deep conditioner. Be prepared to drop a few coins on this stuff. But it’s worth it. Store brand products are much too harsh and will strip your hair of natural oils. While you don’t want to be a grease head, some oil is necessary to protect the hair from the environment.

Find a good hair dryer, one that offers a variable air flow and temperature setting. It really may not be necessary to dry your hair on high air and high temp. This may mean you give yourself a few more minutes to get ready, but the end result may be worth it.

A good styling tool like a ceramic or silicone flat iron will do wonders for smoothing down the cuticle. I like to use a pre-treatment which plumps up the follicle first. Then moving around my hair in small sections, I straighten my hair with a flat iron. My favorite has a special reservoir that contains a keratin-based liquid. As the flat iron heats up, the liquid turns to a steam which gets infused into my hair when styled.

Julie enjoys sharing health and beauty tips. A great resource for flat irons, curling irons and hair styling tools of all kinds is My Hair Styling Tools.

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