Skin Under 10x Magnification

When trying to get the best facial skin that you possibly can there are two main things you must be doing, identification and treatment.

Identifying something like a massive pimple on your forehead isn’t what I’m referring to because those kinds of imperfections can be spotted a mile of. What I’m talking about are smaller harder to find skin infections which can have serious long term consequences for your skin. An individual spot will initially be seen as a worse problem than a small area of acne. However when you consider that those types of large singular spots are actually quite unlikely to spread as well as very treatable you’re looking at another situation.

Acne is very hard to get rid of and finding it so you can treat it right away is key, because once it’s too large and too well established it may seem impossible to get rid of. This is where viewing your skin under 10x magnification comes into play because you can identify the hard to remove areas before they spread too far. Many teenagers know the plight where just a few acne pimples can cover half of the face because they did nothing about it. As acne grows it becomes less and less treatable and so you ideally want to remove the problem before it even gets to that situation.

Seeing as looking at your skin under 10x magnification mirrors in effect create a zoomed in image of your face it makes finding problem areas so much more easy. Spotting the big problems are easy, as well as being easy to treat; but the smaller the problem the harder it will be to eradicate!

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