My Favorite Make-Up!

I choose to highlight Cover Girl Clean, Powder Make-up as my favorite product because it is something I have used for years and continue to use. I have used this product since I was fourteen years old and it hasn’t let me down yet! This timeless make-up is a must for ever girl that wears makeup on a daily basis. Its light feeling on your skin makes it feel as if your not wearing anything.

Considering that my skin is very sensitive, the powder cover-up is easy on my skin and doesn’t cause breakouts on my face. This product seems to reduce irritation and lessen breakouts to the point of being noticeable enough to me. I have tried a lot of different powder cover-up products, this is the only face powder that seemed to ever have worked for me. It doesn’t dry my skin out and doesn’t cause my glands to over produce oil. The price is also very considerate to consumers pockets. The most I have paid for a Cover Girl pressed powder compact is seven dollars. The more expensive powders never seem to work for me.

I do believe because the majority of them were oil based. My last reason for Cover Girl Clean, Powder Make-Up being my favorite product is its smell. Most hypoallergenic face powders have a strong pungent smell, this doesn’t. Because it is a product based on “reducing irritation it has no perfume smell. So I don’t end up smelling the product all day because it is on my face! Simply put I absolutely love Cover Girl Clean, Powder Make-Up! I recommend this product to everyone that uses make-up, it is a must!In my opinion one of the best on the market today.

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Author: Uzumaki Naruto

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