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Hair With Extensions have a way of adding beauty to your appearance. Sometimes women like to keep it a secret if they have extensions so it is evident that whatever type you purchase, they must match your natural hair. Therefore you must decide what texture, color and length best suits you. There are so many choices. Hair With Extensions look fantastic especially when installed correctly. In just a few hours your entire look can be transformed!

There are different qualities as well. Two of the types are the Virgin Indian Remy and the Peruvian. Virgin means that the hair has never been bleached or colored and is completely healthy and normal. Remy refers to the way the cuticle faces in the hair. Remy has a straight cuticle the whole way through, meaning the hair will sit straight and flat. Indian hair is thought by professionals to be one of the best hair types for extensions and is highly sought after. Another is Peruvian. 100% Peruvian extensions are highly considered as the epitome of all extensions on the market today, it is super premium hair extensions that is full of luster, vibrancy and strength.

However Hair With Extensions does require some maintenance and the utmost care to maintain its beauty. You will need a specialized hair brush which you will need to use twice a day, brushing from the roots to the tips. Hair extensions are prone to tangling. Upon application, you can use some treatment oil to use daily, promoting the health of your hair and the extensions. You will no longer be able to dye your hair at home and will need to have it done in the salon. Other than this, extensions can be treated the same as natural hair.

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