Hair Tinsel

Hair tinsel is the red carpet’s hottest trend! From tinsel town to every town these glittery strands are adorning the tresses of beautiful women everywhere. Hair tinsel is a shimmering silk strand which is applied to the hair by tying it at the root. It is also sometimes called hair bling or hair shimmers. When properly applied, the stands can last for several weeks. It’s so easy, anyone can do it!

To apply hair tinsel follow these simple directions:

1.) Select a strand of tinsel and fold it in half, forming a small loop.

2.) Decide where you want to put the tinsel and select several hairs at that location (more if your hair is thin).

3.) Form a slip knot around the selected hairs by wrapping the tinsel loop around the hairs and pulling the ends of the tinsel through the loop. Slide the knot to the scalp.

4.) Tie a square knot (L over R, then R over L) with the selected hairs and the tinsel. Make sure the knot is close to the scalp.

5.) If the knot still slides, repeat step 5.

6.) Style as usual.

Hair tinsel is great for special occasions when you really want to shine like dances, parties, holidays, and weddings. It is also a fun way kids can add color to their hair without using toxic or permanent dye products. The strands can be used to create dramatic or subtle effects depending on how it is applied. The greater the contrast with the wearer’s own hair color, the more the strands will stand out. Also, a more dramatic look can be achieved by applying a greater quantity.

Hair tinsel is easy to care for and can be treated as ordinary hair. It can be washed with traditional shampoo and dried with a blow dryer. Most types can withstand up to 400 degrees and can be curled and flat-ironed. However, care should be taken when brushing to avoid directly pulling on the knot.

Use Glitter Clips to add sparkle with no knots–just clip and go!

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