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Colored contact lenses are very popular among the young and fashion-conscious of today. They let you change your eye color to match your mood and dressing. There are basically four types of colored lenses: opaque color tints, visibility tints, light-filtering tints and enhancement tints. Most of the colored lenses are available without visual correction; however, they are also available for those with astigmatism and bifocal corrections.

Opaque color tints give you a dramatic change to your eye color and are obtainable in a variety of colors like gray, blue, violet and hazel. Visibility tints are light-colored tints added to the lens. They are normally light green or blue, and do not affect your eye color. Light-filtering tints are specially designed for sports purposes, as they enhance certain colors like optic yellow or green in tennis and softballs and even golf balls. What they do is actually make the other surrounding colors dull, and enhance the color of the target ball.

Those who are planning to venture into the new look of colored lenses should be aware that there are a few drawbacks, such as the possibility that the colored portion of your lenses might slide over your pupils, especially when you blink. This is because the size may not be the exact fit to your pupils. There are also possibilities for your vision to be affected at certain times because the size of your pupil is constantly changing to accommodate different lighting. Do not disregard any discomfort as a passing phase, as it might indicate a problem with your lenses; therefore, it would be best to contact your eye care practitioner if you have constant problems with your eyes.

As with normal contact lenses, colored contact lenses are available from numerous manufacturers, and discounts are available.

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