Demystifying Hair Dryer Features

Hair dryers come with a variety of features. Some you may need more than others depending on how you use it. But how do you know what all of the features mean? This article details the many features available so you can decide which are important to you before you shop.

Heating Element

Ceramic – Ceramic hair dryers are made with ceramic coils which regulate heat better than metal coils and prevent the dryer from overheating. The even heat also prevents damage to the hair.

Ionic – Ionic hair dryers use negative ions to break or shrink each water molecule individually on the hair making drying time shorter. The negatives ions close the cuticle layer and seal in moisture thus reducing frizz and static electricity.

Tourmaline – Tourmaline is a gemstone that is infused onto the heating elements of the dryer. It generates a higher number of negative ions than regular ionic dryers

Some dryers have ceramic coils with tourmaline crystals infused on the coils. Either or both ceramic and tourmaline can come with ionic technology.


Hair dryers can have multiple heat and/or multiple speed settings. You may like to have the switches separate. There may be times when you want medium heat, but high speed to begin drying your very wet hair, and then low speed and low heat to smooth and finish the style. Some cheaper models have one switch with either high heat and high speed or low heat and low speed.

Professional Models vs. Drugstore Models

Professional hair dryers are made to be more durable to withstand on-and-off use all day long. The product life of professional dryers can be 1,000 to 1,500 hours versus 500 hours for a home model. Professional models also tend to be less noisy than home models. As with anything else, you get what you pay for. $200 is an average price for a professional dryer versus $20 for a home dryer.

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