Construction Materials for Hair Shears

For the hair care professional no tool is more important that a top notch set of hair shears. For someone entering the field of hair care, it is important for you and your future clients that you invest in the best set of shears you can afford. This will mean better comfort for you on long, busy days and better haircuts for your clients. The world of modern hair shears is surprisingly complex with lots of variables in design, material, durability and function.

One of the most important variables in hair shears is the materials from which they are made – most are made from steel. When choosing a steel shear it is important to consider the type and grade of the steel itself. The harder the steel, the sharper the blade resulting in a cleaner cut with less split ends. Various alloys can be added to the steel to augment strength, sharpness and durability. The best steel is Tajyusou which is made using the Samurai technique of folding the steel over itself several times making thousands of “layers.”

Some people choose shears that are made from titanium, or at least have a titanium coating. Titanium can offer some advantages over all but the best stainless steel. For one, titanium is much more resistant to corrosion meaning that the shears can ultimately be more durable. Titanium is also lighter than steel which means that using them is more comfortable, especially toward the end of a long day. Another advantage of titanium is that is highly scratch and nick resistant.

Another, less popular material for hair shears is ceramic, or, zirconium oxide. An advantage of ceramic is that it is harder than all metals. The disadvantage is that they are also rigid and inflexible meaning that they are much more likely to break than steel or titanium shears if dropped on a salon floor.

Before purchasing a set of shears, it is important for you to try sets made of different materials. While high quality stainless is probably the most popular choice, titanium shears are also widely used, ceramics less so. The most important thing is to select the material that works best and has the right “feel” for you.

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