China Glaze Nail Polish Review – What’s So Special?

With an innovative formula that addresses all of the common complaints that consumers and professionals have with nail polishes – chipping, fading, peeling, and poor coverage – China Glaze has really created a point of difference in the nail care industry.

Using China Clay, the same material that contributes to the shiny finish of porcelain, China Glaze lacquers harden nails so nails actually become stronger and are able to grow longer when wearing this polish. All of their polishes are oil based and does not thicken-up in the bottle over time so there is no need for thinning solutions. A unique blend of polymers and resins maintain color, add shine and bind to the surface for long-wearing polishes that resist chipping, fading and peeling.

Try the Core Colour collection, which has every basic but beautiful shade you will need for every season and mood. Heart of Africa is the perfect burgundy for the cool winter seasons and Light My Tiki is the pinkish coral that looks perfect on summer fingers and toes. The colors are all spot-on with current trends and there is a gorgeous shade for everyone. From soft subdued pinks to vibrant orangey-reds to daring turquoise blue!

Although China Glaze are experts at nail polishes, they also offer nail treatments, top coats, base coats and products to partner with the nail polishes to make them look even more beautiful and last even longer. Treatments are available for strength and growth, anti fungal, cuticle moisture, and extra protection from chipping. A special 440 strand brush ensures a perfect application with each use.

China Glaze has been praised by beauty editors and used on models and actresses in countless beauty magazines, movies and books. Their polishes have certainly raised the bar in the nail industry and have become a professional favorite.

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