Youthful Aging – The Frontline Meal to Slow Aging is a Healthy Breakfast

If you want to look, feel and be healthier, breakfast is the winning meal. It breaks the night’s fast and renews your energy. Because, whether you are a housewife, a busy executive or a teacher, your energy must come from food. A well balanced breakfast keeps your metabolism balanced, as you slow your aging and keeps you looking great.

A healthy breakfast jumpstarts your body. If you got in your car and the low fuel light is flashing, without a thought you would stop and add gas. This is what breakfast does for you – a frontline source to boost human energy.

A well balanced breakfast includes complex carbohydrate, protein and fat. So grabbing a donut and a cup of black coffee is not enough. As soon as you get used to your coffee high, your body is asking, so where’s the beef (think protein)?

Flush the excuses! I am not talking gourmet cooking. First shop for breakfast food. Get some eggs, milk, low fat yogurt, (good sources of protein) a high fiber cereal, high fiber bread, real butter, a can of good quality sardines in olive oil and your favorite fruits.
With this you can plan three well balanced breakfasts, and repeat them.

Use your microwave to cook an egg in 55 seconds. The lecithin (fat) in eggs keeps your brain sharp and complete proteins (egg white) keep your reactions speeded up until lunch. Eat it with bread and butter for fiber and the 10% saturated fat you body requires. Eat a serving of fruit. For example the pectin in an apple helps to control blood sugar and keeps your cholesterol steady. To slow aging, make a habit of excellent choices.

Let’s say you only had time to eat a simple orange. Even this helps to protect your immune system which guards you against viruses like the common cold, all infections and cancer. If you chose to eat sardines instead of bacon, this healthy eating action will have a positive impact on your heart, blood vessels and bones and keep you looking and feeling younger.

A lifetime of healthy eating can slow your aging. News reports now document that there is an increase in overweight school children with Type 11 diabetes. Can humans be having aging syndromes at earlier ages?

Healthy breakfast choices with regular meals promise no weight problems! A client who’s been battling weight problems told me that her initial belief was, if I don’t eat breakfast I will surly eventually get slender. She then started eating breakfast, which led her to healthy choices for meals and snacks. This rhythm of eating regularly increased her metabolic rate, and she eventually lost weight!

Celia Westberry M.S is the author of Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly- The easy way to slow aging, feel great, and look good. She is a health and wellness professional who helps people to eat their best every day to be healthier, happier and more fulfilled.

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