Passport to Better Health and Lifetime Fitness

Learning a few great tai chi moves is the passport to better health and lifetime fitness. Tai chi is not about being macho and bullying your boyfriend or husband when they upset you. It is more than that, and learning the technique is not to show your little brother who bullied you for ever that you are now the boss, but also teaches you self-discipline.

When I was young I used to be into my movies from Hong Kong and watching my favorite actor fly through the air as if he had wings and then soft-land on his enemy’s head. He would just stand there and his enemy would look around for him. Only after a few stomps to the crown of the enemy’s head, will he then realize that Jet Li was there.

To learn tai chi is the matter of doing. To master a set takes about three to four months, but to master the technique takes much longer. The beginning stages of the set are quite simple. You will pick up very quickly after the instructor demonstrates a few moves.

Bear in mind that Tai chi and just learning a few basic moves can bring an endless range of health benefits to the circulatory system, muscular and skeletal system. Tai chi is an excellent technique, which also provides a superb workout, flexibility, coordination, building balance and percussive strength. It is also a great fat burner, mainly on the abdomen, hips and thighs. Throw away those stress capsules and stress balls because there are a few movements that reduce stress and find a way to find peace with body and mind. The technique doesn’t really target weight loss – but it causes you to lose weight all over and those areas are replaced with muscle. Tai chi is not all about kicking butts. People know that you do not need to be in great physical shape to learn the technique. This is a style for all ages and conditions of people.

Tai chi is a limited cardiovascular workout, which – for smokers and those with breathing problems – have an important effect on lung function. I always try exercising, but give up. Other benefits of tai chi are that it alters the lipid profile. Another reason why tai chi is good is that it helps with the prevention of atherosclerosis. Tai chi is the one technique that is appropriate to any person with a condition but wants to do it anyway. The technique can be done in a chair or in bed.

That was little of a serious note. Whenever it comes to another person’s health things get serious, because I do what I can to help. When practicing a few tai chi moves always think about the yin and the yang. The inward motions are the yin, so suck them in. The outward motions are the yang. These are aggressive, so push them out. Keep in mind that you have to breathe in as you bring in your movements.

After your exercising, the ending is where you have to cool down. Try standing in a position and give your muscles a chance to unkink. A few workouts a week is to be your passport to better health and lifetime fitness.

Yoshi Kundagawa is a freelance journalist covering the martial arts world. Too much time at his computer eating donuts reduced him to couch potato status. He’s on a quest to recapture his youth and fitness. You can read his blog at []

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