One More Step? Adding a Toner to Your Daily Skin Care Routine








Do you really need to add another step to your morning beauty regimen by adding a skin toner?

Skin toners (also referred to as skin tonics, fresheners and astringents) really are an essential step in your daily routine and can make the difference in just having clean skin to having radiant skin.

Many skin toners have a cooling agent which helps skin muscle to contract and pores become temporarily smaller. An additional benefit of a toner is its ability to improve blood circulation in your skin which in turn causes a healthy glow. Skin fresheners are very mild and may contain a citric like lemon juice to restore the skin’s acid balance while astringents are usually more abrasive and are used to address acne or blackheads on the skin.

The main difference in these products is the amount of alcohol used in the formulations. Any toner you choose for your face should be carefully aligned with the type of skin you have to achieve the maximum benefit without over drying or abrading your skin. A skin toner will act as a “clean-up after your cleansing” as it will remove any leftover grease, make-up or cleansing lotion left on your face. It then prepares your skin for your moisturizer to fully penetrate your skin. In addition, a toner will help balance the acid/alkali level in your skin, also known as the pH balance. Toners can be applied using a cotton ball or may be applied using a spraying application.

Storing your toner in your refrigerator in the summer months and using a quick spritz is a wonderful way to refresh your skin in the middle of the day. Many toners use rose water, mint or cucumber extract as an additional ingredient and these serve as indulgent aromatherapy as well as nature’s skin refreshers.

So while it seems like just another step in your already busy morning routine, your skin toner is the polishing touch to a beautiful and glowing face!

Kimberly Kolodzizejski

Vice President of Media Relations and Customer Service for Chella Professional Skin Care

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