Is There A Way To Slow Down The Aging Process?

Our bodies are protein producing machines, but as we age, the ravages of free radicals, toxins and our environment diminish our ability to maintain a sufficient supply of much needed proteins. For our purposes here, I will use “growing older” to mean adding another day to our existence; and I will use “aging” to mean the deterioration of our bodies.


No one really knows why or how we age or why some people age more quickly than others. It has been theorized that free radicals attack our cells and interfere with their normal functions. Another study suggests that there is a chemical reaction between protein and glucose. And, still another study is looking into the reduced ability of our cells to divide.

This would suggest that aging occurs because of some disturbances at the cellular level. I am convinced that more answers will come from the study into genomes. I am also intrigued by research into the part atomic and subatomic particles play; but we’ll leave electrons for another discussion.


There are two schools of thought that finally appear to be coming together finally. One revolves around the content of our diet and the importance of supplements. The other is focused on the amount of food we eat.

Again, for our purposes here, I use diet to mean what you eat daily not some fad to lose weight. A healthy diet should provide all of the vitamins and minerals that you need. This is the best way to nourish your body because there are many more benefits from good food beyond just the vitamins and minerals.

That being said, I read labels and try to consume the right amounts of the right foods; but, like, you I know that this is not enough. I strongly suggest an anti-aging supplements. Look for ones that contain a variety of vitamins and minerals such B, D and K as well as copper, magnesium, iron, zinc, niacin and selenium.

Laboratory studies on animals with short life spans have shown to be of great interest. Researchers have found that animals that consumed fewer calories lived longer. If this is true, then what you eat becomes even more important because every calorie must provide proper nutrition. Before embarking on this type of plan or any other, please consult with your doctor.


1. Read food labels and stay away from products with transfat and high fructose corn syrup.

2. Never use margarine but do increase your use of olive oil.

3. Find a whole foods market or an organic store.

4. Try making products yourself and eliminate all of those preservatives.

5. Buy a Vita-Mix machine and use it to grind flax seed and soy beans.

6. Discover smoothies – you can put anything in them and not taste it.

7. Drink tea, eat pomegranates and kiwi, try barley and quinoa.

8. If you like something that is decadent, go ahead and have some occasionally. It makes life fun.

My vocation is business, but my advocation is every thing else. I use the cold winter months here in Wisconsin to study subjects ranging from health and diet to quantum mechanics and from wind and solar energy to “green” building procedures. I am currently researching probiotics because there is strong evidence that the balance of microbes in your digestive tract is elemental to good health. I am fascinated by the work of Masaru Emoto and his messages from water.

I wrote this article because I am determined that we all can live long enough and healthy enough to find new challenges.

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