How To Cope With Memory Loss

A common topic of conversation amongst adults over the age of 40 is the subject of memory or, more accurately, memory problems.

Whilst it’s natural to experience memory loss with aging, the effect of it seem to be more noticeable after the age of 40.

Memory loss continues during your fifties and sixties, as you continue to lose brain cells and chemical changes make it hard to remember even simple things, like peoples names.

The irony is that the harder you try to remember and the more stressed you become about it, the less likely you are to remember.

Tips on remembering

  • Keep a routine – for example, always put your car keys in the same place
  • Write it down – don’t be afraid to write it down, whether it’s something you need to pick up from the shop or a ‘phone call you’ve promised to make
  • Keep a diary – write down everything so you don’t need to try and remember
  • Keep your brain active – do crosswords, sudoku, quizzes to help improve your memory
  • If remembering names of people you’ve just met, develop a system. Either write it down, or associate their name with a letter or person you already know.

Remember that it’s normal to experience some loss of memory as you get older.

Health Tips

Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, thiamin, iron, and vitamin B6. Also vitamin C and vitamin E are great nutrients for optimal memory function.

Don’t worry

Worry and stress will only make your problem worse. Try and reduce stress in your life and put systems and routines in place to help you cope.

Finally, make sure you share a good joke with friends of your own age on a regular basis! After all, they do say that laughter is the best medicine.

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Retired from the rat race at the age of 45, Miranda is interested in retirement and the health and financial concerns that can accompany it.

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