Guess Who Will Age the Fastest

Which one of the following women will age the fastest? Read their profile and try to work it out for yourself. The answer and reasons why may be found below.

Sally Age 32, Height 161 cm, Weight 52kg

Family History

Sally’s mother is in good health. Her father and paternal grandfather are both survivors of bowel cancer. Her maternal grandmother died at 87 years from postoperative complications of a hip replacement. Her paternal grandmother died after a heart attack at age 74.


Sally has diabetes that she is able to control with injections and diet. She tries to eat vegetables daily, but has fruit only twice per week. She drinks one cup of coffee and two cups of black tea a day. She doesn’t exercise much, but is an active mother of two. She has never smoked and has just a few drinks of alcohol on weekends. She doesn’t take any vitamin or mineral supplements.

Helen Age 28, Height 167 cm, weight 74kg

Family History

Helen’s father died from an allergic reaction to a bee sting at age 42. Her paternal grandfather and grand mother both died of heart attacks in there early 70s. Her mother is in generally good heath but has arthritis and her maternal grandparents are both well.


Helen drinks two glasses of alcohol twice per month. She eats lots of fruit and vegetables daily. She doesn’t drink coffee, but has two cups of black tea a day. She had started a walking exercise routine but hasn’t done it for some months, but she is keen to get back into it. She doesn’t take vitamin or mineral supplements, but she does take evening primrose oil and St John’s wort.

Joan Age 30,Height 166cm weight 60kg

Family History

Joan’s parents both in their 50s are alive and well. Both her paternal grandparents died in their 70s from conditions related to heart disease. Her maternal grandmother also died from a heart attack in her early 50s and her grandfather died at 59 from lung cancer.


Joan works out at the gym three times per week and eats vegetables daily and fruit three times per week. She doesn’t take any vitamin or mineral supplements. She drinks three cups of coffee and three cups of black tea a day. She also has five glasses of alcohol at weekends. She has a stressful job and smokes 20 cigarettes per day. Chest X-rays show some lung damage.

So – who will likely age the fastest?


Joan will probably age the fastest as she smokes and already has some indication of lung damage.

Smoking is one of the biggest killers of women. It increases the risk of lung cancer (Joan’s maternal grandfather died from lung cancer) and heart disease (both Joan’s paternal grandparents died from conditions related to heart disease). Joan is at more risk because of her inherited genes but there are many lifestyle factors that she can alter to reduce the influence of the inherited factors. These lifestyle factors will markedly slow the impact of inherited factors on her aging.

Joan needs to:

  • make a strong effort to stop smoking,
  • learn stress reduction strategies in relation to her job, this might also include a reduction or elimination of her caffeine intake,
  • reduce or eliminate the alcohol that she consumes on the weekend,
  • work on improving her diet to include more fruit,
  • cleansing her colon and the rest of her body to remove the toxins that she has already ingested and stored, and
  • take a good vitamin and mineral supplement to assist in healing the damage that has been done and to ward off any further damage.

Sally’s diabetes puts her next in line for the fastest aging. Even if her diabetes is well controlled she needs to make sure she doesn’t develop complications such as heart disease. As with Joan, Sally needs to make lifestyle choices that will assist her to slow the impact of inherited factors. She also had the added inherited risk of bowel cancer.Sally needs to:

  • work on her diet to eat more fruit and vegetables as she isn’t getting enough anti-oxidants to protect her against heart disease,
  • take a good vitamin and mineral supplement to assist in healing the damage that has been done and to ward off any further damage,
  • use supplements of acidophilus and bifidus bacteria that will provide some protection, along with an improved diet, against bowel cancer,
  • cleanse her colon and the rest of her body to improve the condition of her colon and her arteries, and
  • work on developing an exercise program that will assist in keeping her healthy.

Helen is at the least risk level for premature aging. She also has some inherited risk factors associated with heart disease and some risks with arthritis. She has a reasonable diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. Helen is also able to make further lifestyle adjustment that will go a long way towards ensuring that she will stay healthy.Helen needs to:

  • recommence her walking program,
  • continue eating a range of fruit and vegetable but also take a good multivitamin and mineral supplement because even with a good diet it is difficult to get the nutrients needed to stay healthy,
  • cleansing her colon and the rest of her body to remove the toxins that she has already ingested and stored,
  • continue to take the evening primrose oil and St John’s Wort (which we presume are being taken for PMT) if these are working for her. Colon and body cleansing will also help with PMT.

Your genes, lifestyle and diet are all factors that will influence how well you age. We are all given our genes, but it is what we do with what we are given that makes all the difference. The aim is not only to live longer, but also to be fit and healthy enough to enjoy our life.It is necessary, however, to make the lifestyle and diet changes. As we age we build up toxins in our body and if we haven’t been eating a good diet our colons can become clogged. We need to clear our colons so that the toxins can be removed from our bodies. Discover how you can safely cleanse your colon.

To aid in the removal of toxins and to provide the nutrients our bodies need to heal and repair we need to take vitamin and mineral supplements. It is best to take these while still young and not to wait until degenerative illness strikes.

If you smoke you need to stop. Even though changes can be effectively made at any stage it is much more difficult to undo damage than it is to prevent damage.

Dr Jenny Tylee is an experienced health professional who is passionate about health and wellbeing. She believes that health is not just absence of disease and seeks to actively promote vitality and wellness through empowering others. She encourages people to improve their health by quit smokingcleansing their body, taking non contaminated essential vitamin and mineral supplements and many other methods, including herbal remedies. She also owns Healthy Living blog at

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